Application Jam’Alert :

The Security Application that warns you
of an attempt to jam your installation

Smart Home, Smart Building, Alarms… For Android TV Box

What is the Jam’Alert Application for?


All radio protocols operating on the 433 and 868Mhz frequency bands can be scrambled by devices called “Jammer”. These two frequency bands are used in particular by 95% of wireless alarms, 95% of thermostats and 95% of home automation systems, smart home or smart building.

Maybe you do not have any compatible home automation hub or maybe you want to make this feature independent? The Jam’Alert App has been created for you!

The Jam’Alert app allows a simple Android device connected to the internet and to the RFPlayer to detect the jamming and to immediately generate the sending of an SMS to any phones.


How much cost the Jam’Alert App?

The Jam’Alert app is free. It needs to work together with the RFPlayer connected by the USB port to an Android device linked to the Internet.

RFPlayer & TV box MXQ      
RFPlayer & mini tablet Android (5.1.1)

Which Android devices can work with the Jam’Alert App?

The application Jam’Alert is particularly suitable for Android TV Box. We recommend versions 4.x or 5.x of Android. Jam’Alert can also be used with Android tablet connected to the RFPlayer.

Once the application is installed, you just have to connect the RFPlayer to the USB port (or through special adaptor).

How to configure the Jam’Alert App?

The application Jam’Alert is configured directly on the device that hosts the application (TV Box or Android tablet …) connected to the RFPlayer via USB and internet.

The following information is needed:

– Open an SMS account at SMSBOX ( which is managing the sending of your SMS in case of alert (5 SMS credit for your account opening)

– The detection threshold of the interference (from 1 to 10),

– The phone number (up to two) on which you want to receive SMS alerts.

Jam’Alert user guide is available at