Technical FAQ


You can download the multilingual (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) RFP1000 user guide from our download page RFP1000 User Guide
You can download the English/French RFP1000 configuration software from our download page RFP1000 Configuration Software . Important : Java needs to be installed first on computer!

To install CDM drivers for an FTDI device under Windows , follow the instructions below:

Connect the device to a spare USB port on your PC. If there is an available Internet connection, Windows 7 will silently connect to the Windows Update  website and install any suitable driver it finds for the device.If the automatic installation takes place there is no need to continue with the procedure outlined below.

If no suitable driver is automatically found, then the following procedure should be followed by installing the appropriate Windows driver available here: 

YES. Simultaneous receiving and decoding. As two seperate devices in a same package
The GOLD connector antenna is the 433 Mhz, whereas the one with a SILVER connector is the 868Mhz
The RTS receiver may be full of IDs, it needs to be reset and restarted.

To pair the Chacon DIO 54978 with the RFPLayer do not use the ASSOC command but follow the instructions given in your DIO Notice: you must press the ON button twice

RFPLayer will then receive the orders from the remote control and will pilot the actioners.

 The PARROT is not working if:

  • this is Rolling Code
  • the Frame is too long
  • the Frequency Modulation is too high or using FSK 
YES. Available frequencies:
Low Freq: 433.420, 433.920 MHz
High Freq: 868.350, 868.950 MHz
A specific mode permits to receive simultaneously 433.420 + 433.920MHz on Low Freq. and/or 868.350 + 868.950MHz on High Freq. but RF sensisitivity decreases a bit.
YES. For example, when the receiver is tuned to e.g. 433.920MHz, transmitting can be done on 433.420 or 433.920 MHz upon the protocol.
Yes, after you teach him the unknown frames, Parrot will be able to replace and consolidate together with some other frames your single remote control.